Roofing Materials: Basic Need to Know

Residential Roofing Materials

Replacing your roof can be extremely stressful for any Syracuse resident especially considering that not everyone is familiar with the actual roofing materials required.

Below is a list of the most popular/ best roofing materials to be used in the North East of the US and why


1. Fiberglass/Asphalt Shingles (approximately 80% of the market)


Less expensive comparatively

Excellent Fire Resistance

Depending on the company there could be a “wind warranty” that is guaranteed for winds up to 130 miles per hour

Class 3 and 4 impact resistance available

A great variety of colors and styles from which to choose

Some of the best grades of this material could be warrantied for up to 50 years


There is such a wide variation of quality that depending on what materials you use and what manufacturer you buy from the material could last anywhere between 15 to 50 years- that is quite a questionable time gap.


2. Metal Roofs


Maintain for a very long time

Popular and practical for roods that are either low or very steep

They come available with Class A fire protection rating

When installed properly they can be extremely wind resistant

They contain Solar reflective properties

The material itself is slippery which causes snow and rain to run of much easier

A wide variety of styles and colors to choose from

If taken care of properly and installed properly as well, metal types can last longer than 100 years. Some have been recorded as lasting for several centuries.


Unfortunately very expensive: costs can run higher than two to three times that of fiberglass shingles


3. Slate Roofs


They last for a very long time, if installed properly they could last for a lifetime or many more.

100% completely fire proof

Aesthetically pleasing

Color options can be pretty limited but there is some variety


Can be rather expensive and the house and roof infrastructure itself must be able to handle the weight of the Slate

The roofer chosen to do a slate job must be very experienced in this particular field of installation and repair and unfortunately workers with that level of experience can be hard to come by


4. Concrete or Clay Roofing

Another decent option in roofing materials

It is becoming more and more popular because it has the look of wood or ceramic tile without all the negative side effects. In general they last long, are excellent in terms of protection against fire, they don’t require as much constant attention or maintenance, and generally they are lighter in weight and less expensive than ceramic.

There are also a wide range of colors and styles to choose from making the process more enjoyable and creative.