DIY(Do It Yourself)/ Hiring a Professional Syracuse NY Roofer: What to Do, What to Know, What to Expect


Don’t Do it Yourself, Hire Out a Syracuse Roofer

DIY or Do-it-yourself roof repair and installation is not recommended and is not exactly practical for most home owners living in the region of upstate New York. There are plenty of options in terms of finding a professional roofing service in the Syracuse area so that you can avoid any mistakes and can feel comfortable in your home knowing that everything is safe, secure, weather resistant, and up to par in general. Worrying about leaky ceilings, poorly manufactured roofing materials, or incorrect installations can become a thing of the past. It’s a good idea to hire professional roofers from the Syracuse NY region.

Why Hiring a Professional is Important and Preferable

Contractors can be hired to help with anything from small repairs to complete installation and remodeling. Although plenty of people claim to be “roofers” or to know a lot about DIY roof repair, they are still amateurs when compared to successful roofing companies. A mistake in the construction of your roof is not something either your or your family can afford. Your roof is one of the single most vital elements to your home: it protects you from the elements above all else, but it can also be stylish, and keep your home looking pristine. Once a job is done poorly and mistakes are made however, it will ultimately lead to the need for more repair to leaks or other damage. Skilled professionals are the best way to go when it comes to maintaining or installing your roof.

The Search: What to Do, What to Know

It’s the locating of a skilled and trustworthy roofing contractor that can become difficult and even frustrating at times. The worst thing you could do would be to act too quickly and end up hiring a negligent company who performs poor services and does poor work. In the long run you could end up spending more money fixing previous contractors mistakes. Spending time researching to find the right roofing company should be prioritized as not only a financial matter, but a matter of safety for your family, loved ones and your home.

When you embark on your search for finding the right roofer, there are particular and pertinent questions you should be asking of them, and very specific things to consider:

-Is the company attributed to a valid business location? It is also crucial that they have a valid and active telephone number. There are instances in which certain companies represent themselves using only a PO BOX number, but this obviously does not point you in the direction of an established, successful, and well known contractor in your community.

-It is extremely imperative to confirm that the contractor you use has valid and up to date insurance and licensing. Not only are these two important things required by state law, but they are also necessary to keep you, as the homeowner, safe in case absolutely anything from employee injury to damage caused by a worker goes wrong during the construction or rehabilitation of your roof. You also need to be aware of who exactly is working for you. Subcontractors for example: if your contractor employs out subcontractors, you need to make sure that they have acquired their licenses, bonds, and insurance as well- mainly of course, for your own protection, peace of mind, safety, and well-being. You need to keep yourself protected first and foremost.

-Not only do you want to be careful while selecting a reputable and reliable contractor, but you want to be thorough. Make an attempt to inquire after any past references of the company/companies you research. If a company is truly reputable they will not only have many positive references, but they should also have no trouble presenting you with a portfolio containing photographs and information showing thereby showing you examples of past jobs. Personal recommendations are always the best because they are the most forward, and definitely very honest. If you know someone personally or socially who has worked with a particular roofing company before it could be of great value to ask them how things went. The Better Business Bureau and State Licensing Authorities are also good places to check and ass if the company you are considering has a good or bad reputation on file. You also want to be sure to closely investigate at least three companies while considering making a bid.

-Check also to see if there were any past complaints regarding the company you research. Perfection cannot be expected from every company, but you can learn a lot as a consumer about the temperament of the company and its workers based on how they responded to past complaints. If the company has a good reputation but doesn’t maintain well under the pressure of mistakes, you might want to choose a company with a different attitude.

-When it comes to the roofing materials themselves, you want to assure that you’re receiving some kind of warranty. Most manufacturing companies give warranties for their materials, so inquire to make sure, just in case something unforeseen happens so you don’t end up paying for materials twice.

-Finally, and most detrimentally you must be sure to obtain a full, written contract from the company you decide upon. You want to make sure that you have everything documented in writing from the pricing, to the logistics and materials, to the exact project details and time-frame. You want to have everything guaranteed in writing so that if your agreement with the company is breached for any reason, you can take action. New York State also allows for any home improvement contracts to be cancelled within three days of signing.


What You Should Expect: Only the Best!
And Keep In Mind…

You want a company you can trust! You need to be able to ask your roofer valid questions, and be able to receive reliable, easy to comprehend answers. This clarity should be especially apparent during the discussion of price, time consumption, and materials. You deserve to have quality work done that keeps your family safe and comfortable at the same time as being able to align with your budget.

Keep in mind NEVER to pay in cash, and never pay more than 25% of a total estimate up front. Once more progress in the job has been made you can discuss paying another installment of the bill. Remember also to never accept financing from your roofing contractor. They are not able to do so by state law and in offering to do so would be breaking it. Instead seek other personal banks or professional institutions in order to learn about home improvement financing options.