Common Roofing Mistakes

Maintaining your roof is a very important aspect of being a homeowner. It can be costly and irritating, but you will be thanking yourself when a storm hits and your home is leak-free. However, some homeowners can be left in the dark about what may lead to further damage. Before your reach for your ladder, make sure what you plan to do won’t do more harm than good to your roof.
One of the most common roofing mistakes is pressure washing the shingles. If you feel that your roof looks shabby compared to your neighbors, bringing a pressure washer to the roof with the intention of washing away some dirt can actually lead to some serious issues. By blasting composition roof shingles, you will be removing the asphalt granules that protect your home from leaks. If you strongly feel that your roof needs a cleaning, your best course of action would be to contact a professional roofer to discuss some options you may have. If any professional roofer offers to pressure wash your roof, they either don’t know the harm it can cause or they will do anything for a buck, including ruining your roof. Unless you have a true need for it, roof cleaning isn’t really necessary. It may not be the most aesthetically appealing roof in the neighborhood but as long as it protects your home, it is doing its job.
If you suspect a leak in your roof, pulling up the roofing shingles can be the worst possible things to do. By blindly uprooting shingles, you can cause leaks that weren’t there previously. If you believe there is a leak, the safest bet is to call a respected roofer in your area to come and inspect your roof. This will also prevent another common roofing mistake: walking on your roof.
Besides the obvious potential consequences of walking on a roof (slipping, falling, injuries, etc.), it can cause serious damage to your roof. In the same way that pressure washing can ruin your roof, walking on it can strip the shingles of the coating that prevents leaks. If your roof is older, walking can even disrupt the shingles and dislodge them. This will leave your roof even more susceptible to leaks. Some professional roofers will refuse to walk on a customer’s roof when giving an estimate unless its absolutely necessary, as this will help avoid potential damage.
If you are contemplating making changes to your roof or assessing potential damage, your best course of action is to contact a professional roofing contractor to do the job. By hoping to improve your roof yourself, you can actually cause more harm and cost yourself more money down the road.