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Importance of proper attic ventilation

It’s easy to assume an attic doesn’t really need ventilation, since there’s hardly ever someone inside that room. However, having an efficient air system in there can actually benefit the entire home structure, especially the roof. The government recommends at least 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space. This […]

Roof repair or replacement: facts to consider

Because it’s standing up so high in the open air, your roof is at high risk practically at all times. All kinds of natural elements—such as dust, rain, snow, pollen, and much more—can painfully penetrate the surface like a small candlelight to a finger. Even the least visible factors could set it off. The more […]

Shingle roofs vs. metal roofs (longevity, cost, benefits, etc.)

The most exposed to the environment, your roof is the most vulnerable part of your house. Being all the way across the eye-line of the natural elements that approach it, it’s always at a high risk of damage. Syracuse NY gets about as extreme as the deserts and tundra, with a record high of 102 […]

Common Roofing Mistakes

Maintaining your roof is a very important aspect of being a homeowner. It can be costly and irritating, but you will be thanking yourself when a storm hits and your home is leak-free. However, some homeowners can be left in the dark about what may lead to further damage. Before your reach for your ladder, […]

Common Syracuse Roofing Problems

When purchasing a home in Syracuse, NY or simply hoping to maintain yours, it’s important to know what to expect from your home down the line. Specifically, one’s roof can prove to be troublesome if proper upkeep isn’t ensured. In order to be proactive rather than strictly reactive, knowing common roof problems can save you […]

Syracuse Roofing-Repair or Replace?

It’s safe to say that the general populous doesn’t spend much time inspecting their roof. But, by taking the time to give your roof a look-over, you can save yourself unnecessary time, money and headaches. Living in a place like Syracuse, the seasons can be prominent and harsh. This means your home can suffer from […]

Syracuse Roofing Contractors-10 questions you must ask

In many states including New York, to qualify as a roofing contractor, all you need is a hammer and a classified ad. A bit of good news is most cities like Syracuse require permits for home improvement projects. A professional roofing contractor will know about this process and obtain all necessary permits and inspections. If a […]

Syracuse Roofing- Estimates and Quotes

New Syracuse roofing installation represents a major investment in your home or office building so you want to make sure your money is well spent. Materials and labor make up most of the costs of a new roof with labor being the larger portion property owners spend to ensure that the job is a quality […]

Asphalt shingles are a roofing option for Syracuse

Asphalt is one of the most commonly used roofing materials in the U.S. due to its fair price and easy installation. In colder weather cities, such as Syracuse NY or those of us who experience lake effect snow from the Great Lakes, we should be choosing roofing materials that will withstand the harsh winter temperatures […]

DIY(Do It Yourself)/ Hiring a Professional Syracuse NY Roofer: What to Do, What to Know, What to Expect

DIY(Do It Yourself)/ HIRING A PROFESSIONAL SYRACUSE NY ROOFER: WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO KNOW, WHAT TO EXPECT Don’t Do it Yourself, Hire Out a Syracuse Roofer DIY or Do-it-yourself roof repair and installation is not recommended and is not exactly practical for most home owners living in the region of upstate New York. There […]