Asphalt shingles are a roofing option for Syracuse

Asphalt is one of the most commonly used roofing materials in the U.S. due to its fair price and easy installation. In colder weather cities, such as Syracuse NY or those of us who experience lake effect snow from the Great Lakes, we should be choosing roofing materials that will withstand the harsh winter temperatures along with the mild summer months. With different options of types of asphalt roofing materials available, asphalt shingles can be the best suited for this type of weather.

Organic Asphalt

Organic asphalt started in the roofs of American homes in the early 1900’s and became more popular during the 1920’s.  These organic roofing shingles are made from organic felt material, such as waste paper, cellulose, or wood fiber.  These materials are soaked and saturated in asphalt to make it waterproof.  Lastly, a top coating of adhesive asphalt and the ceramic granules are added into the shingle.


Organic shingles contain approximately 40% more asphalt per 100 sq. ft. than glass fiber asphalt shingles. This higher asphalt percentage makes the shingles heavier and are less likely to be blown off the roof by high winds. The high percentage of asphalt also gives organic shingles greater durability and difficult to tear, which is extremely important in harsh winter weather as well as rain storms. On average, organic asphalt shingles hold their greatest durability for about 20 years.

Many homeowners enjoy the asphalt roofing because of the variety of shape and texture options, creating a better architectural look to their home. Aside from looks, organic asphalt is proven to help lower air conditioning costs during the summer months due to its solar reflection. These types of shingles have been proven to have a better sun reflective surface.

Living in Syracuse where weather can be questionable no matter what season it is, organic asphalt is a great option when it comes to quality and durability of roofing.